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Hi there, I’m Julianne!

I am an Accredited Life Coach who enjoys supporting people pre and post-weight loss surgery. Using a variety of therapeutic modalities with an integrative blend of Coaching, CBT and ACT Therapy, I can assist you to discover the underlying issues behind your relationship with food, whilst achieving a sense of self-worth and self-efficacy.

My background in Community Services and working with people with addiction dependency has led me to become more self-aware of my own food addiction. After many failed attempts at dieting, I decided a Gastric Sleeve was my best option. (See article below)

I can help you discover learned behaviours and create new pathways to move towards acceptance  This approach can equip people to overcome negative thoughts and gain the freedom to make wiser choices that help facilitate change in all aspects of their lives.


Specialising in…

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Bariatric Counselling

Bariatric Coaching is a vital part of your weight loss journey. Whether you are considering WLS or post-surgery, Lighter Minds can provide holistic support, tailored to your individual needs. Surgery is a big decision, however it’s not the only choice that needs to be made. Together we can discover the underlying factors behind your relationship with food. Family history, lifestyle, relationships, trauma, culture, work and upbringing are just a few of the factors that come into play. Learn new coping strategies to conquer emotional eating and discover how your choices can be based on false beliefs and critical thinking.

Life Coach

How can a life coach help you?

Do you feel stuck, lacking motivation, low in self-esteem, struggling with bad habits and negative behaviour, stagnant in your comfort zone, lost in the past, fearful of the future, suffering from guilt and shame, grief and bereavement, relationship issues, communication barriers or simply ambivalent about change?

A life coach can help you navigate through every domain and help triage what is important to you NOW. Would you like to find a happy work life balance that feeds your self-care, mind, body and soul. Let’s connect you back to your values and investigate your own belief system. Learn how to challenge your own thoughts and discover how emotional regulation can help you communicate assertively, build confidence and strengthen self-efficacy.


Food Addiction Coach

Food, alcohol or drug reliant?


Some of us use food to deflect from our problems and disregard our own emotions, just as we do with alcohol and other substances.

At Lighter Minds you will learn about the Cycle of Addiction, 5 Stages of change and find new ways to conquer your personal triggers, urges and cravings.

Using certified CBT and ACT therapy, you will learn how to accept your feelings and challenge your thought process to help stop negative behaviour’s in their tracks. You will discover that jumping outside your comfort zone is where the most growth can happen.

Do the hard work and learn how to be unapologetically you!

Outcome Stars

Outcome Stars

Weight loss isn’t just about diet. A Revival Star can help you to see exactly where your happiness is at, in 10 domains of your life. This can give you a guide and a starting point for your journey....

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Julianne and Adam’s Journey

Julianne and Adam’s Journey

The dream of Kayaking long distance along the Murray River felt so far in the distance that the correlation between the two was indisputable. IT WAS TIME TO CHANGE!

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What our clients are saying

“Julianne literally helped me to create a Lighter Mind. I no longer think about food 24/7. I now have tools to help me deal with cravings and can comfortably sit in my emotions. Thank you”


“I didn’t realize how much of my diet was based on my mind. I have learnt ways to control my thoughts and not eat my feelings. As a Police Officer I work shift work, eating at all different hours of the day. I now have control over my eating habits and have discovered different techniques to deal with such a high stressed role”


“2 years post op and I sadly started to put weight back on. Julianne managed to motivate me back into action, through SMART goals and the Revival Star. I loved seeing my Review Star compared to my original Star. It showed my progress. I liked the hands-on approach and having someone hold me accountable for my choices. Counselling wasn’t for me, I needed more direction and accountability.”


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