So, you tried a heap of different diets and decided that WLS is perfect for you. You researched your surgeon and found the perfect fit. They helped you decide on which surgery was best suited to your needs. They linked you in with an amazing Nurse Practitioner, Nutritionist and Dietitian, you worked out your financial plan and now you have a DATE FOR SURGERY.

But have you started your research on YOU?

Common topics and questions.

What are my biggest concerns emotionally? Food has been my best friend for many years, how do I break away from that?

How will I manage my cravings? Will my tastes buds change? Why am I drinking more now?

What are my triggers and how do I notice them? Am I a binge eater, grazer or an emotional eater?

How will my family be affected by my surgery? Will I have to eat alone? Will I feel isolated?

Do I have to tell people that I have had the surgery? Why do I feel shame about it?

How will my life change? Can I still go out for dinner and go to social events?

What if I don’t like exercising? What if I don’t have time to go to the gym?

What if I push it and eat too much? How will I know if I am not meeting my goals?

What is a SMART GOAL? What if I don’t stick to the recommendations?

I know I look thinner, but I still think of myself as overweight, how do I change that?

How has my childhood or life events contributed to my weight gain in the past?

I have heard of relationship breakdowns after surgery, how can I prevent this from happening to us?

I thought that WLS would fix all my problems and I would be happy. Why didn’t it make me completely happy?

Why do people say stuff like “You took the easy way out?”