A Coach and a Counsellor both typically work with individuals to help them develop goals and make progress. However, the focus of coaching is often on achieving specific goals, whereas counselling is more focused on understanding and working through broader psychological issues. Coaching usually focuses on short-term objectives, while counselling can take a longer-term approach. Coaches tend to offer practical advice and strategies for achieving goals and making progress, whereas counsellors primarily work to gain insight into an individual’s feelings, beliefs and behaviour’s and work on resolving issues that may be causing distress.

At Lighter Minds you WILL make SMART Goals. You WILL do the practical work. You WILL be given homework. As an Accredited Life Coach, I WILL help you discover what works for you and your lifestyle and explore what changes need to be made. I WILL help you stay motivated and hopeful. I WILL teach you how to hold yourself accountable. We WILL make plans for you that work for you. We WILL go on this journey together and who knows we may even shed some tears together.